Why if you care about courgettes you will vote No in the Seanad referendum

Save money! Fire politicians! Kick the elite!

The Government’s populist campaign to abolish the Seanad has fallen just short of guaranteeing ice cream and trips to Disneyland for all.

When you see Enda Kenny talking about saving €20m and giving two fingers to elitist hacks, it’s impossible not to think of John Delaney running through a train carriage, his locks flowing behind him as he pours cheap Polish lager into the delirious mouths of the loyal Boys in Green. Continue reading “Why if you care about courgettes you will vote No in the Seanad referendum”

The great (but not really that great) donedeal.ie PayPal scam

Scammers will try to scam you out of anything. Even, it appears, a car with vital parts missing.

I recently put my car up for sale on donedeal.ie. It’s the kind the website frequented by buyers, sellers and Nigerian Princes who have sadly lost their PIN numbers.

Within two days of posting my advert, I received a text message asking whether the car was still available and requesting information to be emailed. Continue reading “The great (but not really that great) donedeal.ie PayPal scam”

The Great Money Trick

Mitt Romney’s now infamous comments about ‘the 47 per cent’, together with the  publication of several new research documents, have raised debate about wealth and inequality in America.

The US Census Bureau recently released statistics detailing poverty rates in America. This came shortly after Forbes released details of the richest 400 people in the United States. Continue reading “The Great Money Trick”

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